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Little Eggheads: The Science of Sleep
little eggheads can count app

Download The Science of Sleep to calm your tired, cranky baby & educate them too.

Every parent has had a cranky, tired baby or toddler experience and knows how stressful this can be. Fumbling looking for that particular bed time book or can't seem to find Teddy just as the crying starts is a scenario that almost every parent can identify with.

The Science of Sleep app is designed to distract your baby or toddler for long enough to stop the tired tantrum from starting and calm his or her mind in preparation for sleep. However, this app also educates your little one as it calms and so will delight babies and parents alike.

Requires adobe air. User will be prompted to download upon installation.


- Brahms's lullaby, the classic sleep inducer, plays to a reducing tempo and calms baby's mind

- 10 scientists / inventors rotate with images representing their scientific contributions. These simple, colourful images with black outlines make it easy for babies and toddlers to focus and understand the images they are viewing

- Develops baby's visual and hearing skills

- Parents can read about each scientist and quietly explain each one to their baby or toddler developing baby's language skills or simply allow the images to subliminally educate while their baby watches

- Baby's last thoughts before bed will be Einstein, Newton and Galileo.

Click here to download



Little Eggheads: Can Count
little eggheads can count app

Teach your little egghead to count to 10. This version includes english and spanish and is developed for android. Click here to download



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